Brand Activation

Brand Activation is the art of driving consumer action through brand interaction and experiences. In simple terms, the fundamental aim of these sorts of campaigns is to get consumers to act. It’s about bringing brands to life via experiences and forming long-term emotional connections.

Brand activation is a 3D real-world marketing service need, but it is predominantly responded to by 2D design thinking agencies, who get to the physical after the idea. For us the physical engagement and the idea are inseparable.

Creating objects that solve problems starts with a simple question - what is the action we are encouraging?

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Shopper Marketing

Shopper marketing is about influencing the shopper to buy the product. It can range from increasing visibility on the shelf, drawing attention to the product - even aiding its consumption - merchandising or in-home storage.

Our point of view is that the market is too reliant agencies who rely only on words and pictures for a shopping environment that is all about shapes, codes, lighting and tapping into intuitive human behaviours through Product and Service design. Our approach starts with a simple question - what is the behaviour we want to change?

Current shopper marketing solutions assume shoppers are reading the creative, rather than naturally enabling navigation or motivating engagement. We help brands to stand out, be located and increase engagement in physical environments.

Trade Marketing

Trade Marketing is about supporting the visibility, theatre and service delivery of a brands product in places that predominately want solutions to feel like they belong in their carefully considered environments without adding noise or clutter.

Our "chain planning" approach to customer experience is designed to look beyond single moments in a customer journey. By analysing the ‘links’ between multiple service points, we create a compound effect of quality experiences that accumulate for customers.


Consumer Product Innovation

Product design is about understanding the nuanced blend and balance of form, function and finish. However, the real secret is in being able to identify the essence of a definite problem to solve; where behaviour, culture, identity and environment all meet.

The pace of change in contemporary life creates a relentless conveyor belt of new problems to solve. We’ve developed a proprietary diagnostic process to boil down swathes of inputs into a single insight for our idea springboard. This insight is the ultimate fuel for consumer product innovation because clarity around the real problem to solve followed by the simplicity of the solution has always been the heart of great design.

Our approach to solving problems through making allows us to uncover concepts proven to work from their genesis.

Furniture & Lighting Innovation

Our physical environments have a significant impact on our standard of life; influencing how we think, feel and even, what we do. From our wellbeing to our productivity, furniture design and lighting have long been a focus for us as we’ve always appreciated the ‘ripple effect’ of their influence.


There is a reason all the seven wonders of the world are all physical. Only the physical environment can leverage all of the senses to create an experience that is unique to every individual.
The use of space to deliver an experience relies on starting with a focus on who is doing the experiencing. A meaningful experience is created by one of the most human characteristics; evolving who we are through discovery.