We observe like scientists through our drinks diagnostic



Informed by supplied existing client data, brand guidelines and evidence of historical marketing tools, SMB will undertake appropriate research to identify key problems in line with the agreed scope of work.


The output for this phase of activity will be to share the identified problems that become the issues objects can solve, aiding your brand and the outlet.

Each problem will be shared, identifying what the core problem is with any themes or overarching territories, in a mood board exploring routes in to solving the problem.


Each problem and territory will be worked up as a brief. The client will then select the briefs which they wish to take to the next phase, concept ideation. 

We think like inventors through our product ideation



Working from the agreed briefs, we will ideate concepts to answer the problems and opportunities identified.

The ideas will be presented in written and mood board format.

2017_08_02 JC Bullet Web Sketch.jpg


After the client has selected their preferred concepts, we work these ideas up into sketches.

These sketches show how the function and initial aesthetic direction solve the problem identified within the brief.


We work up the selected concept sketches through to realistic Photoshop or CAD renders.

During this stage, we will evaluate the materials and manufacturing techniques needed to complete the designs.

We behave like mixologists through product experimentation



For more innovative projects, we work through a series of iterative working models and test scenarios. This creates supporting data to prove that the original concept can work in terms of functional efficiency, durability and ergonomics.


This is the most involved stage of the process and takes the concept through a rigorous process incorporating any proof of concept work undertaken, manufacturing input and materials research.

The output of this stage is a fully CAD designed product, including a detailed manufacturing specification.

Prototype Image.jpg


We work with trusted model makers and manufacturers to deliver working prototypes of the chosen design.

If requested by the client we will also source manufacturing options and provide production pricing.