The business was formed in 1998 by renowned designer Anthony Dickens with the clear intention of creating objects that solve problems whilst finding the perfect blend of aesthetic form and functional purpose.

What sets us apart is our diagnostic process that has us walk in the shoes of the problem owner, combined with our rapid ideation and prototyping.

Our problem-centric approach means we cut across market barriers and walled-garden thinking. We start with behaviour and our belief that objects have long been overlooked by many brands for what they really are – physical solutions that enhance our experience of a physical world.

Sometimes we create the product people buy and other times we create objects that help sell existing products. We find solutions that fulfil an unmet need and increase our client’s sales and visibility.




"Truly innovative, very strategic and with a practical, cost conscious approach, I very much enjoyed working with Studio Make Believe across a number of projects and would not hesitate to use them again."


Anja Weise-O'Connor / Senior Marketing Manager
Jose Cuervo International

"Anthony developed a new product with us called the Anglepoise Fifty. He brought a fresh approach to designing, and was very committed to the project.

Very hard working and enthusiastic, I would be more than happy recommending him to a potential client for either product designs or promotional pieces."

Simon Terry / Innovation & Brand Director - Owner

"I would highly recommend Studio Make Believe. They are professional, inspiring and true experts in design.

I mostly admire how they aren't afraid to challenge the brief with forward thinking design to ensure that the end result far exceeds expectations."

Sam Hancox / Marketing Manager
Red Bull

"Anthony is one of the most inspirational designers I have ever had the pleasure to work with. 

Anthony completed an amazing project for Veuve Clicquot, creating the most sensational Clicshaw vehicles. Upon seeing the finished work our client clapped his hands and gasped with delight. 

Roger Jones / Group Account Director

"Studio Make grasp outcomes and budgets from the very beginning and they have the knowledge and technical ability to break through all design expectations to make the mundane become extraordinary. They are a truly inspirational team to work with and great fun too."


Katie Greenyer / Creative Director
Pentland Brands & Red or Dead

"Studio Make Believe fuse creativity with functionality seamlessly. 

They’re a really inspirational team, working collaboratively, stretching the imagination and expectations of their clients, backed by their expertise and excellence to make visions reality."

Stuart Ross-Sheeran / Creative Manager
Pentland Brands